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We specialize in breathing new life into damaged or worn surfaces, whether it's a scratched countertop, chipped bathtub, or dented stainless steel appliance. With our expertise and advanced techniques, we have mastered the art of surface repair. 

Kitchens, Worktops

We can eliminate scratches, smooth out dents, repair chips or cracks, and even remove stubborn stains. The goal is to bring back the beauty and durability of your kitchen surfaces, ensuring they look as good as new.


Sinks & Baths 

When it comes to bath repairs, We employ similar techniques to address chips, cracks, or scratches in the bathtub's surface. Refinishing services can be utilized to restore the bath's original shine and color, making it look as good as new.

Repairing sinks and baths not only saves you the expense of purchasing new fixtures but also minimizes the disruption and waste associated with replacements. Opting for repairs allows you to retain the existing fixtures that may have sentimental value or unique features that are difficult to find in new models.

Stairs, Flooring, Furniture

Over time, floors and stairs can endure wear and tear, resulting in various types of damage such as scratches, stains, or even minor structural issues. We specialize in repairing and restoring these surfaces, offering effective solutions to bring them back to their original condition. As Irelands Premier Surface repair experts we employ a range of techniques to address different types of damage found on floors and stairs. 

PVC and Composite, Scratched Glass

Whether you have PVC composite windows, doors, or other fixtures, As skilled technicians, we can effectively address various issues such as cracks, chips, or discoloration. We employ suitable techniques and materials to restore the integrity and aesthetics of the PVC composite, ensuring it looks as good as new.



Over time wardrobes can experience various types of damage, including scratches dents or chips. These imperfections not only affect the visual appeal of your furniture but can also compromise its structural integrity. we specialize in repairing wardrobes and restoring them to their original condition.

Tile, Ceramic, Metal

Repairing tile ceramic surfaces involves a variety of techniques and materials depending on the specific type of damage. We can replace individual tiles, repair cracks and chips, and regrout areas where the grout has deteriorated. We have the expertise to match the color and texture of the existing tiles, ensuring a seamless repair that blends with the surrounding area. Repairing metal surfaces involves addressing scratches, dents, or corrosion. We use  appropriate methods and materials to remove imperfections and restore the surface to its original luster and appearance

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